Writing & Projects

Some of the writing and marketing projects I've worked on recently do a good job of showing what I care about when it comes to communication: authenticity, joy, simplicity, and inclusiveness

  • Here & queer - a coming out piece written for queer, bi folks like me

  • Diversity & Inclusion at Highland - A summary of the efforts my current company is making to cultivate a more equitable and inclusive workplace

  • Toaster Error - A piece written for our company blog that tells the story of UI vs. UX vs. CX through Slack screenshots

  • Experiment: Lowtide Assumptions - A report on the impact of an April Fools' Day prank that delighted Highland employees and our clients

  • Experiment: Blog Dashboard - A fun marketing project we did to change Highland's culture around blogging by motivating people with pet pictures



Learn More About My Work

I recently stopped maintaining a detailed portfolio since most of the work I do is under nondisclosure agreements. If you're curious about a particular project I've worked on, I'd be happy to share more privately. 

In the meantime, I try to keep my LinkedIn updated with detailed descriptions of the impact my work has made for my employers. 


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