Iā€™m Bridgett, a digital marketer who has worked almost exclusively with nonprofits, social causes, and mission-driven companies. I think the world needs ethical marketers so that organizations who do great work can reach more people.

I help my clients get to know their audiences and develop people-centered marketing strategies. I'm a one of those T-shaped marketers who takes great joy in using a broad range of creative and technical skills to reach her audience. I'm a pro at crafting email campaigns that people look forward to reading, getting employees on board with a company blogging program, and scheduling social media posts that sound like a real person wrote them. I'm interested in the places where a brand and organizational culture intersect. I like doing the challenging and satisfying work of helping organizations transform their communications culture (which usually leads to lots of other powerful change if you do it right.) 

I feel lucky that my career means I get to practice improving my communications skills every day. I have a tendency to be the earnest one in the office, so believe me when I say that I think thoughtful communication has the power to change the world.